War with Germany

In 1939, the Black Watch was the only militia unit with two strong battalions in one city, Montreal, and was considered to be well-trained with many officers and NCOs who were veterans of the First World War. When Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, the 1st Battalion, R.H.C., was ordered to mobilize to war strength for an expeditionary force. Canada declared war on Germany on September 10 at which time Colonel K.G. Blackader was in command of the 1st. R.H.C., with Lt.Col. I.L. Ibbotson as his second-in-command. The mobilization spurred Regimental veterans, active members of both militias, and others, to the Armoury to volunteer for active service. Unfortunately, many of the Regiment’s “originals” were declared unfit for active service, mainly due to being “over age”. The Regimental Headquarters was the Armoury on Bleury Street, but there were no barracks for the men and no training facility. As a result, the men stayed in their homes and training was done on the McGill campus.

The Battalion moved to Toronto on December 28th where they were housed at the Exhibition Grounds for five months of training.

Sept 1939 Diary

Oct 1939 Diary

Nov 1939 Diary

Dec 1939 Diary

1939 Appendices – of note in these appendices is Appendix 1, a letter from Pte. S.G. Perrin, who apparently decided he was  not army material and went AWOL. The letter asks the BW to stop looking for him.

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