The BW remained in Eastbourne until May 15 when they moved to Pulborough to take part in Exercises “Tiger” and “Beaver”, both involving  a lot of marching, among other things. The Battalion moved back to Eastbourne at the end of July for a week of coastal defence then to the Chichester Area Camp at Open Wilkins (Hutchinson, p.207). On August 16, “C” Coy and a 3-inch mortar platoon were confined to barracks and ordered to be ready to leave on one hour’s notice. These units had trained for a raid on Dieppe in early August and they left the camp on August 18, to be in the third wave of the attack (Ibid). The results of the Dieppe raid are well known, and the BW had three killed, eight missing, seventeen wounded, and fifty-seven were taken as POW’s. In October the Battalion moved to East and West Wittering on the coast south of Chichester, where the remained for the rest of the year.

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